Installing and Maintaining an HVAC System

Installing and Maintaining an HVAC System

  • Evaporative Cooling Versus Refrigerated Air Conditioning Systems: Which is Right For Your Home?

    When it comes to cooling your home, you have two main options: evaporative cooling systems and refrigerated air conditioning systems. Both can offer some significant advantages and drawbacks, and this article was created to help you better understand those. Here's what you need to know to decide between evaporative cooling systems and refrigerated air conditioning systems.  Refrigerated Air Conditioning Systems Refrigerated air conditioning systems are typically part of a reverse cycle system that also includes heating.

  • Types of Ducted air conditioning systems

    Air conditioning is the use of ducted AC systems that deliver air to multiple rooms in the home via a series of ducts. These air ducts can be installed on the ground, ceiling or walls. They deliver air into multiple rooms by channeling it through ducts and vents that connect to various parts of the home. Ducted air conditioning is a great option because it enables the entire home to be held at the same temperature and ensure a comfortable and healthy indoor space.

  • 5 Ways to Lower Home Heating Costs

    Energy bills go through the roof whenever winter rolls around and can become quite a burden especially for people who rely on fixed incomes. But did you know that your bills need not be that high? With a few changes, you can lower the costs significantly. The following are some tips to save you money. 1.    Warm accessories The next time it gets too cold, don't crank up the heat; bundle yourself up with warm accessories.

  • Key Tips to Maximise Your Solar Panel System's Performance

    Installing a solar panel system on your roof is an excellent way to power your house. Solar panels convert the sun's light energy into electricity, which can be used to meet a household's energy consumption. But whether or not a solar panel system can completely meet your household energy needs is something that squarely depends on your daily electricity demand.  If you are looking to install a solar panel system in your home, you would probably like to maximise the system's electricity-generation potential.

  • 4 Ways Beginners Can Optimize Residential Air Conditioning Units

    Air conditioning in most cities is a pricey luxury that most residential homeowners cannot afford if left unchecked. Cooling and heating can consume almost half of a home's energy requirements. Therefore, homeowners must be alive to this fact and try to reduce energy usage for cooling.  This article gives a quick primer on keeping your home cool while staying within a budget. British Thermal Unit (BTU) -- An air conditioner that produces moreBTUs has more cooling power than a low-yielding unit.

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    Installing and Maintaining an HVAC System

    Hello there, welcome to my blog. My name is Andrew and this blog is going to be about how to install and maintain HVAC systems. When I purchased a new office space in downtown Perth, I didn't have the first idea about HVAC systems. I knew that I would need one, as I couldn't expect my staff to work away in the heat of an Australian summer without any air conditioning. I contacted an HVAC contractor who advised me on the best type of system to install. He also gave me some top tips on how I could keep the HVAC system in good condition.