Installing and Maintaining an HVAC System

Installing and Maintaining an HVAC System

Basic Considerations for Choosing a Split System Air Conditioner

Aaron Kennedy

A split-system air conditioner will help keep your house pleasant even when it's hot outside. But it's important to choose the right system so you don't have any regrets. Here are two basic considerations you should bear in mind when choosing an air conditioner.


You need to focus on getting the right size or capacity of air conditioner for the space you want to cool. You will end up paying high energy bills if you install a too-small system that is constantly pushed to its limits. Similarly, an overly large system will consume superfluous energy.

One way to get a rough estimate of how many kilowatts your air conditioner should have is to do some manual calculations and use an online calculator. You need to discover the length, width, and ceiling height of your room and input those numbers into the calculator.

While this can give you a general indication of what size air conditioner may suit you, the best option is to have an expert's advice, as they can factor in other variables that also play a role, such as the room's insulation and windows.

If an area is well insulated, it won't need as much air conditioning as otherwise. On the other hand, if a room has expansive windows on which the sun shines for hours in the summer, the air conditioner will need to work overtime. An expert can also take into account the local climate. If you live somewhere with mild temperatures, you won't need as powerful an air conditioner as if you live in a hot desert region.

Energy Efficiency

You should also choose a model that is the most energy-efficient that you can afford. To do this, look for a system that has a high star rating. When you are comparing the star ratings of different systems, make sure they have similar features so you're comparing like-for-like.

As well as the star ratings, the rating label also has an estimated kilowatt per year number, which you can multiply by the price you pay per kilowatt of electricity to arrive at an estimate of a yearly running cost. This figure on the label is based on general use and may not specifically apply to how you will use the air conditioner. But it is a general guide.

A system with more stars, for example, may save you $60 a year on electricity costs, which does not sound like that much. But over 10 years, that will equate to $600 in savings. So you should consider the star rating of any product, particularly bearing in mind rising energy costs. You will notice that reverse-cycle systems are rated separately for their heating and cooling functions. 

For more info about air conditioning, contact a local company. 


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