Installing and Maintaining an HVAC System

Installing and Maintaining an HVAC System

Types of Ducted air conditioning systems

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Air conditioning is the use of ducted AC systems that deliver air to multiple rooms in the home via a series of ducts. These air ducts can be installed on the ground, ceiling or walls. They deliver air into multiple rooms by channeling it through ducts and vents that connect to various parts of the home.

Ducted air conditioning is a great option because it enables the entire home to be held at the same temperature and ensure a comfortable and healthy indoor space. There are different types of ducted air conditioning systems that are installed in homes.

The type of system is typically determined by the nature of the ducts that are used, as well as the centralised control of the unit.

Inverter ducted systems

Inverter ducted systems are known for their ability to efficiently deliver cool air while keeping a neat and discrete look in the home. The ducts of these systems are typically located on the ceiling or along the ground where they minimally interfere with the appearance of the room.

They come in two main types: premium inverter ducted and standard inverter ducted systems. The premium model can effectively cool both small and large homes, and there are various capacities that you can choose from.

The standard model is slightly more compact and is built for optimum energy efficiency. It is perfectly suited for smaller homes that have limited outdoor space and limited roofing area for installation.

Slim-line ducted systems

Slim-line ducted air conditioning is suited for residences that have narrower ceiling space. Their ducts are designed with a slender and flexible mechanism that can fit into tight spaces with ease. Whether installing them in thin roofs or along narrow floors, slim-line ducted systems can deliver cool air into tight spaces with a high level of efficiency.

Slim-line systems are also very easy to modify for apartment complexes and other types of buildings. They combine a flexible design with cooling efficiency to provide a comfortable interior space.

Bulkhead systems

If you're looking for a largely discreet ducted air conditioning system, the bulkhead system is a great choice. It is designed to be thin, discreet and effective. The air duct system used fits perfectly flush against the ceiling. In fact, you will only see the discharge grilles and suction air ducts after installation.

This means that you end up saving on space without compromising on efficiency. And the quiet operation of bulkhead systems also adds more comfort to the entire home.


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