Installing and Maintaining an HVAC System

Installing and Maintaining an HVAC System

5 Ways to Lower Home Heating Costs

Aaron Kennedy

Energy bills go through the roof whenever winter rolls around and can become quite a burden especially for people who rely on fixed incomes. But did you know that your bills need not be that high? With a few changes, you can lower the costs significantly. The following are some tips to save you money.

1.    Warm accessories

The next time it gets too cold, don't crank up the heat; bundle yourself up with warm accessories. Put on a winter sweater or wrap yourself up in a blanket. Keep your feet warm by wearing socks when you're around the house, and complete the ensemble by wearing a hat. Cover the floor with an area rug, and use flannel sheets for your bed.

2.    Insulate your home

A lot of money is lost in energy costs because the warm and cold air in our homes escapes due to poor insulation. You can buy cheap insulation materials and use them to cover all the areas where heat might escape. For example, you can insulate your doors and windows by replacing worn out weather stripping that lets in cold air.

3.    Turn down the thermostat

You can slash your heating bill by 10% if you just turn down your thermostat by 10 to 15 degrees for 8 hours daily. You can turn it off when you're away from home or when you're sleeping. Take things to the next level by installing a programmable thermostat. You can set it to adjust the temperature on a predetermined schedule instead of doing it manually.

4.    Take advantage of the sun's heat

The sun provides free heat. Use it. Open your curtains during daytime to let the sun rays in. With the added warmth, your furnace won't have to run as much. Close your curtains when darkness sets in to trap the warm air inside the house.

5.    Maintain your furnace

You should change your furnace filters regularly when they look dirty. A dirty filter makes the furnace work harder by slowing down air flow. You should also replace old furnaces to ensure that they are running at optimum performance to cover your heating needs.

Warming your house during winter doesn't have to leave you broke. You can bring your energy costs down by making the minor adjustments above. If you want to find out other areas in your home where you could cut costs and improve efficiency, you should consider conducting an energy audit.


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