Installing and Maintaining an HVAC System

Installing and Maintaining an HVAC System

Why a Split System Air-Conditioner Could Be the Best Bet for Your Renovation

Aaron Kennedy

If you want to retrofit your home and put a more efficient air conditioning system in place, you may be tempted to look at something other than a ducted installation. In your case, it may be more beneficial to think about a split configuration, and you should weigh up the potential benefits before you pull the trigger. So, why are split system air-conditioners worth looking at, and what advantages may they have over ducted or window-based units?

Chasing Efficiency

Many older homes had ducted air conditioning systems installed, which took advantage of the technology of the time but may not be as efficient today as they could be. Due to the nature of these systems, the infrastructure can be quite extensive and, in a larger home, may not always be the most logical choice.

Working Overtime

With an older, ducted system, you can expect to lose quite a lot of energy as the conditioned air passes through all of that ductwork. You may still be able to push the air through to each room, but the entire setup will have to run more than it should simply to ensure that the home remains as cool as possible.


Split system conditioners don't use ducts, so you'll automatically reduce the amount of energy you use in distribution. In addition, you can put individual units in each room, so you can decide if you don't want to cool off certain areas at specific times and be even more selective with your energy usage.

Ease of Installation

Split systems are also easier to install, as they're simply mounted to a wall or suitable area and feature an indoor unit with a corresponding outdoor design. You just need to connect everything using cables and copper tubing rather than metre upon metre of complex ducting.

Lower Noise

The last thing that you want is a noisy, window-mounted A/C unit that keeps you awake at night. After all, the condenser is located inside the home, and it'll certainly produce a lot of noise when it is in motion. Split system air-conditioners are far quieter, and the "noisy" part is contained within a small outdoor unit instead.

Better All Around

All in all, split systems allow you to be more selective with your cooling operation and save energy as well. They are also far more cost-efficient than the other systems, so you can expect to save money over the long haul.

Your Choice

Talk with your an installation professional and weigh up the benefits of split air conditioning.


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