Installing and Maintaining an HVAC System

Installing and Maintaining an HVAC System

3 Reasons To Install a Window Air Conditioner in Your Home Office

Aaron Kennedy

If you've recently decided to give home working a try, then you lose some of the benefits of working in an office. For example, you might have had air conditioning in your company's offices but don't have this perk at home.

You'll find it hard to focus on working all the time if your ambient temperature isn't comfortable. So you might be thinking about ways to cool your home office during the day. A window air conditioner can be a good option here. What are its benefits?

1. You Get a Low-Cost Air Conditioning Solution

Installing a whole-of-house air conditioning system is an expensive way to keep your one-room home office cool. If you have managed without air conditioning at home so far, then you might not want to put in a large system. Your purchase and installation costs might be too high.

You can, of course, use portable air conditioning units. While a portable unit is cheaper to buy, it can cost a lot to run. These units can suck up a lot of electricity especially when the weather is hot and they need to run constantly.

A window air conditioning unit is a good middle-ground solution. These units sit in windows or walls. They are cheaper to buy and install than whole-of-house systems. While their initial costs will be higher than portable units, they run more efficiently. So they often work out cheaper overall.

2. You Don't Have To Lose Valuable Work Space

If your home office is small, then space is at a premium. You want as much room as possible so that you feel comfortable when you work. You also need enough storage space for files and equipment.

A portable air conditioner might take up too much useful space. You have to find somewhere for it to stand. If you install a window unit, then this isn't a problem. The unit can sit in the window itself or hang on the wall underneath. No matter where it goes, it won't take up useful floor space.

3. You Can Add Heating to the Mix

If your home office is too hot in summer, then it will probably be too cold in winter. You don't necessarily want to heat your whole home to keep warm in one room; however, you won't work effectively if you're always cold.

You can buy window air conditioning units that double as heaters as well. You can switch between cooling and heating according to the season.

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