Installing and Maintaining an HVAC System

Installing and Maintaining an HVAC System

Three Tell-Tale Signs That Your Home Air Conditioner Needs Replacing

Aaron Kennedy

Air conditioning is essential in a warm climate. Therefore, it's important that your home air conditioning unit runs as efficiently as possible. This guide explains three key ways that your home air conditioner could be in need of replacement.

Your Home Isn't Being Cooled Efficiently

The most obvious sign of an air conditioner that needs replacing is that it simply isn't cooling your home anymore. Maybe you've noticed that warm air, or very little cold air, is coming out of the vents, or perhaps you've noticed that your home feels warmer in the summer. The air conditioner might have stopped removing moisture and humidity from your home or might not be strong enough to circulate air throughout your largest rooms. Whatever the case, you deserve an air conditioner that's powerful enough to cool your home, so speak to a local air conditioning firm to figure out whether a repair or full replacement is in order. As a general rule, if your unit is more than ten years old, a replacement is probably going to be more cost-efficient in the long run.

Your Air Conditioner Sounds or Smells Strange

Air conditioners are supposed to smell neutral and run quietly, so strange smells or sounds are always a sign that something is wrong. If your air conditioner smells damp or mouldy, then you should have someone examine it as quickly as possible, as you don't want mould to spread in your home and compromise your family's health. However, you may simply notice that the air being pumped out doesn't smell as fresh anymore. In terms of sounds, any grinding, clattering, or banging sounds are worth getting a technician out to discuss a repair or replacement, especially if you like to use your air conditioner on hot summer nights.

Your Electricity Bills Are Rising

If your electricity bills are rising and you don't know why, an aged, inefficient air conditioner could be the culprit. There could be many reasons why your air conditioner is costing more, from a leak in the pipework to the unit simply aging and becoming less efficient over time. When you get your air conditioning unit replaced, you are sure to see a difference in your energy bills, especially as newer units tend to be more energy-efficient. If you're worried about your bills, speak to an air conditioning expert.

If you feel that your home is warm despite the air conditioner being on, have noticed strange smells or sounds, or have simply noticed a rise in your electricity bills during the summer, it's time to talk to an air conditioning company about a new, efficient air conditioner.


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