Installing and Maintaining an HVAC System

Installing and Maintaining an HVAC System

4 Ways to Lower Your Home Heating and Cooling Costs

Aaron Kennedy

In the average Australian home, heating and cooling account for between a fifth and half of the annual household energy usage, depending on the house design and local climate. As a result, homeowners are always looking for ways to maximise energy savings without sacrificing personal comfort.  

As an existing homeowner, there are many different things you can do to save money on home heating and cooling. Here are some practical ways to reduce your heating and cooling costs.

1. Treat Your Windows

Windows are a source of natural light in a home but when left untreated, they can result in unwanted heat gain indoors. Installing window coverings such as curtains, drapes, shades, blinds, and shutters can help to block out sunlight, thus keeping the heat out of your interior living spaces. This reduces the need to rely on your air conditioning system to keep cool and comfortable indoors.

2. Seal Draughts Around Doors and Windows 

The cracks that form around window and door frames over time can contribute to the loss of conditioned air. As the cooler or warmer air escapes from your home through these gaps, your heating and AC systems will have to run harder to achieve the desired indoor temperatures. This leads to wastage of energy. 

Sealing gaps around windows and doors will help to prevent air leaks that result in inefficient heating and cooling. 

3. Maintain Your Home Heating and Cooling System

All heating and cooling systems require proper care and upkeep to keep running in peak condition. Completing timely maintenance on your heating and cooling system will minimise the risk of system inefficiencies due to normal wear and tear of parts.

4. Replace Old or Inefficient Heating and Cooling Equipment

Like most man-made things, your heating and AC system won't last forever. Over time, it'll start to operate inefficiently due to age and will need to be replaced. A home heating and cooling changeover can allow you to ditch your older indoor temperature control system for a newer, more efficient version.

That way, you can enjoy the same heating and cooling performance but without the higher costs of operating the old system.

Proper maintenance of your home heating and cooling system is essential to keeping it running at peak efficiency, thus minimising your household energy use. Timely replacement of old heating and air conditioning equipment is also crucial for enjoying the energy savings that newer equipment can bring. If you need help maintaining or replacing your heating and cooling equipment, contact an HVAC contractor near you.


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