Installing and Maintaining an HVAC System

Installing and Maintaining an HVAC System

Efficient, Economic and Effective Home Heating and Cooling

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You might come across many pieces of equipment or appliances in the market to help you cool or heat your house. All are effective, but they need to be used correctly. Here are the steps that you should take to help you achieve efficient, economical and effective home heating and cooling:

Consider a Home Energy Audit

This is a crucial first step because you get a report on the total cost of energy usage in your house. You even get to know the features of your house that affect heating and cooling and how they can be modified to reduce energy costs. An energy audit also helps you figure out the most effective heating and cooling appliance, where it should be placed and how to efficiently and economically use it.

Which Appliance Should You Choose?

When in the market, you might come across a lot of heating and cooling systems. How do you know which one to choose? Your answer lies in the home energy audit that was performed. You get to know the amount of heat you need to warm up your house and whether you need units for different rooms.

With this information, you can select the heating and cooling system that can provide the required amount of heat and, if needed, can supply heat and cool air to multiple rooms. Consider your budget as well.

Most homeowners choose between the single split air conditioning system, ducted refrigerated air conditioning system and multi-head split systems because they suit a home's warming needs.  

Single Split Air Conditioning System

This system comprises of two units: a condenser unit located outside and an evaporator unit located inside your house. The term single means that there is only one evaporator unit (indoor unit) which warms or cools one room. You might come across different sizes; choose the one that meets the heating requirements of your home.

Multi-Head Split Systems

This system resembles a single split air conditioning system, but instead of one evaporator unit (indoor unit), you can have many for different rooms. Just like the single split air conditioning system, you will also come across different sizes. A good thing about multi-head split systems is that you have the option of setting different temperatures per room.

Ducted Refrigerated Air Conditioning System

Instead of having two units (one outdoors and the other indoors), ducted refrigerated air conditioning systems have one unit located outside, which is then connected to a network of ducts that open up in every room of your house.

Reach out to a contractor in your area for more information about home heating and cooling.


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