Installing and Maintaining an HVAC System

Installing and Maintaining an HVAC System

Fix It Early to Keep Your Customers Coming for More Cheese

Aaron Kennedy

If your business specialises in daily products, you can't run it without a reliable and efficient commercial freezer. But the refrigeration appliance won't run forever without experiencing some problems. Though you keenly observe the maintenance practices its manufacturer recommends, your commercial freezer will sometimes demand some repairs. However, things get worse when you don't know when your commercial refrigerator asks for them. It's time to call in a professional in commercial refrigeration services once you notice any of these refrigeration issues:

Lighting Problems 

The lights of your commercial freezer should come on once you open the door. If lights don't come on when you open the door of your fridge or if you find them flickering, there is an underlying problem that requires the attention of a competent commercial refrigeration technician. Most lighting issues in commercial freezers are due to burnt-out bulbs. If only a few lights fail to come on, then replace the lighting strips or bulbs. But if all lights fail, there is a major issue with the electrical components of your commercial freezer. Don't attempt to work on the electrical components yourself, but call in an expert in commercial refrigeration repairs to fix the problem.

Ice Accumulation

Ice accumulation occurs when the commercial freezer's evaporator fan is faulty. The evaporator fan enhances proper airflow and circulation. The ice build-up in your freezer indicates that the evaporator fan should be repaired or replaced. A fan that has stopped working prevents temperature moderation and efficient cooling. Most evaporator fans in commercial freezers stop working when they have low charge or when the drain lines are clogged. An experienced commercial refrigeration technician offers quick repairs before the problem aggravates.

Fluctuating Temperatures

A well-maintained commercial freezer should always maintain consistent temperatures. If the temperatures fluctuate every day, something is wrong with your freezer, and you should contact an expert in commercial refrigeration repairs immediately. Most freezers develop this problem when they are improperly positioned, and this causes inefficient cooling. You don't want to think for a second what would happen to the high-quality cheese and other daily products you have in the fridge if the temperatures can't preserve them. Look at the doors of your commercial freezer to see if the gaskets are worn or if the airtight seal isn't intact.

Although your commercial freezer will develop certain inevitable issues along the way, the hands that handle them determine how efficient it will be. Leaving every issue your commercial freezer develops to a professional technician increases its performance levels and extends its lifespan. A refrigeration expert should come and inspect your commercial freezer at least three times a year to diagnose any underlying problem early and offer professional maintenance services to ensure it doesn't get to its last leg soon.


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