Installing and Maintaining an HVAC System

Installing and Maintaining an HVAC System

Factors to consider before hiring an air installation company

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Air conditioners are a smart home addition in Australia due to the harsh weather. It is, therefore, essential to hire a professional for air conditioning installation, as the system is complex. With winter approaching fast, you will need a well-functioning air conditioner. By following the guide below, you can choose an appropriate company for AC installation needs.

Experience and skill

Experience and skill is an essential factor for an AC installation company due to their complexity. Ideally, you should choose a company with multiple years' experience. Australian states have a site that allows consumers to check whether HVAC companies are licensed. This ensures that the company you intended to hire is licensed and are licensed to handle AC installation.

A poorly installed AC may lead to fire hazards, a faulty thermostat and poor temperature regulation and drainage issues. Safety is a critical aspect of AC installation as it prevents death or injury in the event of improper installation.

If you are upgrading your AC system as part of a home or office renovation, you can ask your building contractor to recommend an experienced HVAC company.


Before HVAC companies can qualify for an operating license, local governments in Australia require companies to have insurance and bonding. HVAC contractors should have liability insurance that safeguards property owners from liability in the event of property damage or injury. Ensure you get a proof of insurance.


A reputable HVAC installation company should be able to provide you with references you can contact for a review of the company's ability. When supplied with these references, you should contact a few and ask about the timeliness and efficiency of the work performed. Not many people call these references, and by refusing to do so, they end up hiring a questionable company without adequate due diligence.

Quotes and contract

While AC installation costs may be expensive, prices vary between different contractors. You should, therefore, have at least three different quotes from various contractors and choose one in line with your budget. You should ensure that the contractor documents the quotes in writing that describe the scope of the project and timeline.

With different quotes, you can make a price comparison and research the variances between the quotes. Some quotes may be higher due to the use of different products. You should extremely low quotes, as they may be a sign of poor-quality work. To learn more, contact your local AC company. 


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