Installing and Maintaining an HVAC System

Installing and Maintaining an HVAC System

Air Conditioning Repairs You Should Always Leave to the Experts

Aaron Kennedy

When your HVAC system stops functioning as it should, it's often tempting to reduce costs by performing repairs yourself. Although it's sometimes possible to do so without causing damage, most air conditioning repairs are better left to the experts. Here are a few of them:

There's a leak coming from your air conditioning system

Although it isn't unusual for air conditioning systems to show signs of condensation when they're old or the condenser is dirty, non-condensation leaks are a cause for concern. Your HVAC's refrigerant absorbs hot air from the surrounding environment and converts it into cool air. When the coolant starts to leak, your system won't run efficiently. Eventually, it will stop producing cool air altogether.

Unfortunately, topping up the coolant in an HVAC system isn't as simple as topping it up in your car. This is one of the air conditioning repairs you're better off leaving to a professional technician, especially if you want to prevent significant damage. 

The system turns on and off at random

In order for your air conditioning system to run smoothly, all its small electrical components need to operate in an environment that's free from corrosion. The corrosion of wire and electrical terminals isn't unusual, but it's also a tricky problem to fix.

When such corrosion occurs, both the compressor and fan controls can fail. In addition to the system turning on and off at random, it may fail to blow out cool air when you need it to. Even if this isn't a problem that's happening right now, consider asking a technician to check for corrosion when they perform other air conditioning repairs.

The condensate drain keeps clogging

Your system's condensate train should allow for the free movement of water. This becomes especially important when it's humid outside, as condensation will arise rapidly. If the moisture can't move freely through the drain, you may find that your HVAC system needs to work overtime to execute its most basic functions. As a result, your energy bills will start to rise.

If the condensate drain clogs faster than the manufacturer believes it should, it may be because the original installation didn't result in a level fitting. Or, something has happened to knock it out of place. In either case, asking a professional to reposition the system should resolve the problem.

When it comes to big HVAC repairs, it's always worth hiring a professional. In addition to getting the job right the first time, they may also offer warranties on the work they carry out.


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