Installing and Maintaining an HVAC System

Installing and Maintaining an HVAC System

Tips for Remedying Uneven Cooling in your Multi-Stored Home

Aaron Kennedy

If you turn on your air conditioning unit and find that the rooms downstairs are well cooled, but the ones upstairs feel like a sauna, then you have yourself a classic case of uneven cooling. When every homeowner installs an air conditioning unit in their multi-stored home, they expect the unit to cool the entire house evenly. However, uneven cooling is a problem that you would expect with time, and different factors could cause it. If you notice such a problem, use the following pointers to alleviate the problem.

Check for Air Leaks -- Air conditioning units work best when there are no leaks in the duct work. Air leaks in the duct system prevent cold air from circulating evenly. As a result, you would have some rooms cooling much better than others do. Such leaks might be caused by tears and holes in the ducts. This situation causes the AC system to work extra hard in an attempt to compensate for lost air. If the condition persists, your AC will likely develop more severe problems. Therefore, have an HVAC contractor check the pipework immediately for any possible air leaks.

Add Insulation -- A well-insulated air conditioning system should circulate fresh air inside your home and pump hot air outside efficiently. However, if the unit were situated downstairs then whatever amount of cold air is pumped would not be sufficient to cool the every room evenly because of heat gain. Therefore, you should make sure that the AC system has the right amount and quality of insulation if you want to enjoy cold air all around your home. Additionally, since AC insulation are manufactured according to your home's design and region, ensure that you conduct proper consultation from installation service providers.

Use Vents -- The vents on your air conditioning unit are meant to redirect airflow. However, different factors such as furniture can block airflow to various areas of the house thereby leading to uneven cooling. If this is the case, change the direction of the vents away from the orientation of the obstacle. Such a simple remedy could be the difference between a sauna-like room and one that is evenly cooled. Alternatively, if the ground floor is cooling well than the rooms upstairs, you could close some vents on the ground floor so that more cold air is redirected to the upper chambers.  You could also opt for automatic vents that sense airflow and adjust accordingly.


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