Installing and Maintaining an HVAC System

Installing and Maintaining an HVAC System

Refrigeration For The Catering Industry

Aaron Kennedy

In the catering industry, the quality of food is everything. Just one bad review or even worse, a case of food poisoning could be enough to damage your reputation or even put you out of business. For this reason it is wise to invest in the best refrigeration that money can buy. In doing so you can ensure the temperature of your food is correct for the contents in your refrigerator or cool rooms and that you can maintain the highest standards in hygiene and food storage. 

Cool Rooms And Cold Storage

Whether you are storing meats, fruits and vegetables or a variety of foods, your refrigeration and cold rooms must give you complete control over temperature. Certain food products need to be stored at a specific temperature in accordance with the latest guidelines and government legislation. You never know when you may be subject to a hygiene inspection, and so it pays to invest in the best refrigeration that you can afford. 

Cool rooms are perfect for the larger restaurant that needs to store a wide variety of goods. Refrigeration of this type allows catering staff to walk into the room to pick out what they need and to easily store food items in a specific order or grouped together on shelves. Cool rooms can often be much more cost effective than purchasing and running a number of individual refrigeration units in a single space. 

Why Investing In Good Quality Refrigeration Is A Sensible Decision

Refrigeration may be one of the bigger costs involved in equipping your business, but when you think about the important role it plays and how the right refrigeration can protect your patrons and your reputation, it is an investment that promises big returns. The first and most important consideration to make when purchasing refrigeration or cool rooms is how and when you receive food deliveries and which types of foods you take delivery of. Establishments receiving fresh produce every day are likely to stick to conventional refrigeration units that they can use for short periods of time between delivery and food preparation. For restaurants that receive large batches of meat, for example, cool rooms are likely to be the best option as they offer plenty of space. They are also a good consideration if you only need to visit cold storage a few times a day and need your foods to be organised easily. 


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