Installing and Maintaining an HVAC System

Installing and Maintaining an HVAC System

Why Ducted Gas Heating Is the Best All-Round Choice for Winter

Aaron Kennedy

Although Australia is renowned for its warm, temperate climate, certain parts of the country definitely experience cold conditions when winter rolls around. If you can remember some frigid times from previous years, you may be ready to take control of your home heating and fit a new system. You're definitely looking for the most cost-effective and energy-efficient methods, so you will want to know as much as possible about ducted heating that's powered by gas. Why is this likely to be one of your top choices?

Heating the Entire Home

In years gone by, your heating method may have been highly selective and based on one room only. It's not very pleasant when you have to venture out to your bedroom or bathroom and find that these places are still frigid. It's best to consider a ducted system that provides heat to each and every room in the house through ceiling vents or floor distribution. You can get rid of all those wall heaters or portable alternatives you may have had.

Reliability and Efficiency

When you choose ducted gas systems as opposed to reverse-cycle options, you won't find a drop in efficiency during especially cold weather. Furthermore, ducted gas systems save you energy and money in addition to having superior performance.

Selective Heat

You may not use every room in your house throughout each day, and it may be a good idea for you to set up energy-saving zones to take this into account. You can set these different zones by using a specific time in each so that the heating is switched off and on without you needing to worry about it.

Kinder on the Occupants

The aforementioned reverse-cycle systems have another drawback insofar as they produce a heat that is very dry. This can irritate eyes and cause skin problems in those who are very vulnerable. If you already have to deal with asthma or dust allergies, you should know that gas heating systems provide a heat that is a lot moister.

Quick Heat

There's nothing worse than getting back to your house after a trip in cold weather and shivering for some time while a conventional system tries to heat everything back up. With a ducted gas system, the igniter will light the burners instantaneously, with maximum power heating the exchanger and circulating through the fans as soon as possible.

A Better Choice All-Round

When you consider that natural gas is responsible for a much smaller carbon footprint and emits fewer greenhouse gases than electricity, you should feel happy deep down inside when you choose it. Of course, the biggest saving is likely to be in your bank account, which feels even better. Have a word with an installer to set up this option for your home as soon as possible.


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